28 Jun

Interior Design and Architecture

Interior Design and Architecture (A look at how the two disciplines intersect, and how to best approach them as professionals)

The question is when you want a new home, who to hire? An Architect, Interior Designer or both ? what is the difference?
Interior Design and Architecture goes hand in hand. In other words, they are ‘integrated with each other’.
Speaking about the design process, it is often the same for both the paths.
Historically, architects held the responsibility for both the exterior and interior of the building. Like Frank Lloyd Wright, considered both the exterior and interior while designing the building which was creative and fascinating both to look and to live in there. The trend of architects playing the undisputed role of interior designer continues since then.

The relationship between an architect and interior designer is such that, the architect mainly focuses on building’s shell – planning, designing & construction whereas the interior designer looks at in the interior of that structure will interact with the people inside it. As a result, designers work harmoniously to produce homes which are functional, meaningful and aesthetically appealing home while maintaining safety.

Architects and interior designers include a selection of interior finishes, such as tile, woodwork, finishes, interior elevation details, electrical and ceiling points and space planning for furniture placement.
The interior evolves directly from the conceptual ideas of the building and the building is directly impacted by human behavioral constraints of the interior. Simply, it is not possible to separate the design of the building from the design of its interior.
In a most fundamental form, when you hire an Architect, we are not looking for the form of space, planning ( space planning ) or designing the building but also the functionality, building services, bylaws, handling exterior materials depending on the climatic conditions, weatherproof issues, energy efficiency and other issues, landscaping and also how the house performs from an energy point of view and also the interior framework which includes cabinetry, flooring, furnishing, material sourcing and also from the color of the wall to the color of the pillow.

As a profession, a designer will always understand your ( client’s ) needs and will try to achieve and execute the owner’s wishes by considering structural/ design point of view. And also, they deliver the better quality of design by avoiding the design errors and turning the whole design into creative and interesting forms by considering the cost factors (keeping it in mind, the cost-effective according to the budget of the client ) by selecting the right strategies, materials, and finishes. An architect can bring in all the other professionals related to this field in order to keep the ideas shared and avoid errors. As we all know, A good design is always a good investment.